野田 尚之

Just a streak of stardust.
Though not infinity or a nirvana, can't help but wonder if we humans are
the only ones recording, archiving this stuff.
That makes this all the more miraculous.

I'll never forget my first total eclipse in China, 2009.
I thought I knew what to expect, but I couldn't have lean more wrong.
Suddenly, I was experiencing a sensation I never knew before :
I was at once alone and a part of a vast universe.
No longer did it take to realize I will never be the same again,
did I swear to the Heavens to devote all of my photographic talents to (covey)
this vision to my fellow brethen or this lonely planet.
Yet, it has been a long, arduous endeavor an impressible task
to reproduce in two dimensions.

Ever since, I have been relentlessly shooting the skies above.
A star here, a galaxy there, chasing the never ending Miracle,
unfolding all around our Cosmos, but never able to capture the great moment,
which I yearned to share with my fellow brethen.

Then one night I was tracing the skies above with my camera, and finally,
everything came together space and time, ambient environment humidity and all :
An accidental convergence, a message from the beyond and yonder nevertheless.
I keep try to take photos any places, seasons, time, weather conditions.

Stars are still twinkling above the all skies,
but I think don't you look up to the sky often?
Please feel it how beautiful things around us--by this works.

Naoyuki Noda


ギャラリーヴィグロワ 篠原英智